Tubepoka Development Initiative (TDI) is an indigenous Malawian non-profit Christian organization which works by partnering with networks of Churches of different denominations committed to working together in finding out solutions to challenges affecting the local communities.


TDI is registered by the Malawi Government under Trustees Incorporations Act Reg. Number RG 20754/IM/5. 2005, Council for Non-Governmental Organizations in Malawi (CONGOMA) Reg. Number C 567/2012 and Certificate Number 01/025 and finally TDI is registered by the Non-Governmental Organizations Board of Malawi Reg. Number NGO/R/12/47.


TDI believes that the local church is the hope of the local community and the world. therefore TDI’s interventions are tilted towards equipping and supporting local churches and individuals to initiate programs aimed at livelihood improvement, community empowerment and economic transformation.

Therefore TDI’s interventions are tilted towards equipping and supporting local churches to implement holistic ministry approach in fulfilling their mission and mandate.

Our Vision: “Alocal Church in the community with the capacity to facilitate sustainable demand-driven community development”

Our Mission: “We exist to facilitate development processes through local Churches aimed at socio-economic and spiritual empowerment of the people in the catchment area.”

Our Values: We are distinguished by- Love, Passion, Partnerships, Fairness & Justice, Accountability, Teamwork, Integrity, Quality, Professionalism, and Empowerment


Postal address: Tubepoka Development initiative, PO Box 61 Chitipa, Malawi, Central Africa.

Tel. +(265) 1382343

Cell: +(265) 992 399 988/884 075 488.

Email: info@tubepoka.org/



Physical address: Tubepoka Development initiative, Along M1 Road, Opposite District Education Managers Offices