The group stated in 2010 with 11 members. The members of the Kawati savings group ministry in Namatubi Zone have been able to transform perennial challenges into opportunities. Since the inception of the program, most of the families in Namatubi Zone have constructed houses, are able to pay school fees for their children, Manage to eat six food groups, able to purchase farm inputs (fertilizer) without problems, they managed to buy domesticated animals like pigs, chicken and goats  with loans from the savings group Ministry. The  eleven members of the Kawati savings group Ministry started with k1,100 as their initial startup money and completed their first cycle share out on December20, 2010.The total share purchased by the savings group members was  2,325 (about $850) and each received an average of Group share holder  value of 77.50. The remainder of their social fund was used for the get together. The group decided to resume immediately after first share out. The social fund is used to provide interest free loans to members and to subscribe members to health insurance to increase access to health care. Lusekelo kanyika, a widow with young children, was among the households who lived in dire poverty.  She secured a savings group ministry loan to labor to construct her house. According to Lusekelo, she is also now able to cater to the needs of her four children, buy farm inputs, and have access to keeping livestock such as pigs all things she could not do prior to the savings group ministry intervention in Namatubi. “My standard of living has positively improved through the products of savings group Ministry, loans after my involvement with TDI savings group ministry.


Savings trend since 2010

Kawati savings group volunteered themselves to educating the public on the need for everyone to belong to a Savings group Ministry. So far their teaching has resulted in the formation of five new groups in the area.

 Nakayuni, one of the group members had this to testify: “The savings group has benefited me more than any other member of the group. I was living in dire poverty. We could earn our living through burning charcoal. Charcoal business is prohibited by the government because it promotes deforestation. Since we had no other means of earning money we had to indulge ourselves in risky business.  We could tip toe into the forest and cut trees while forest patrols are out for Lunch. We could spend sleepless night out in the forest making charcoal. Due to tiredness in   making charcoal we couldn’t go to the farm in time and to find fertilizer was really a problem to us.  Charcoal business could not suffice our everyday life. We could realize MK 2,500 ($3.45) weekly. Hunger was the order of the day in my family, we had a lot of hunger related diseases, I used to put own old clothes, we could not afford to pay school fees of my two sons, one in a secondary school. Since I joined the savings group Ministry my spiritual, social and economic life has changed greatly. I was a drunkard and a beer brewer at the same time before joining the saving group Ministry. I praise God that through Bible study we do weekly during savings group meeting, my knowledge about God has increased, I have also received Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior.  I might not have been able to construct my house, send the children to school if it was not for the financial support from the group. I am now realizing between K1500 and K35, 000 weekly.  I collect the loan and later pay back the money to the group after doing business and harvesting.”

Namulenga, a widow is another group member, described how helpful the group has been to her rice business. “I buy animals on credit and sell them to pay my creditors,” she said. She added that she sometimes runs a loss on his business and when that happens, she can now come to the group and secure a loan, settle with the person and still continue her business. She concluded that her financial status has improved significantly.

At the end of a recent meeting, the group reflected on the lessons they have learned from membership in the savings group. “Saving a little amount of money weekly can improve one’s financial status and the unity of the community. The savings group ministry regulates one’s reckless expenditure and acts as a platform for sharing ideas on other issues like spiritual issues.

Plans for Semester II

  • Promotion of girls education and reduction of drug and substance abuse amongst the Youth through Advocacy training and dialogue platforms
  • Promotion of Youth talent and good behaviour through sports activities and HIV interventions
  • Promotion of youth leadership skills, discipleship, and community service through youth camps
  • Improvement of Child Nutrition and food availability at CBCC through training in crop production and provision of inputs
  • Promotion of early childhood development through supporting Chitipa CCAP with teaching, learning, playing and cooking materials
  • Rehabilitation of non-functional boreholes
  • Provision of clean and safe water through borehole drilling
  • Conducting the screening sessions for non- communicable diseases
  • Support churches in Promotion of Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) interventions
  • Support Church Based Agriculture Cooperatives in the Promotion of Legume crops
  • Support Church Based Cooperatives in promoting Livestock pass-on Program
  • NGO operations
  • Management Meetings
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of projects
  • Partnership meetings
  • Proposal Development